Music is the life of any party. When it comes to music at your reception, you want to trust a company with over 15 years of experience in the Disc Jockey (D.J.) business. Franco Records should be your one and only choice. With over 140,000 Karaoke tracks, 250,000 music videos and 800,000 mp3's at our fingertips, Franco Records offers unrivaled premium D.J. services with state of the art digital equipment.  Our goal is to provide you with an exciting and memorable event to be talked about long after the party.  Our mobile D.J.'s have developed the skills of crowd interaction and seamless transition mix of music to keep your guests on the dance floor. The atmosphere is entertaining, the music is great, crowd interaction is exciting; all you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself, because you know with Franco Records, you are in good hands.

Artist Management & Promotions

Franco records is home to talented music and artists including but not limited to actors, new up-and-coming entertainers, reality show personalities, recording artists, dancers, choreographers, and sport personalities. Talent Management is a cut-throat business however, at Franco Records we believe in fairness because we are successful if and only when our clients are successful. We primarily assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Contract Management
  • Legal Counsel
  • Social Media
  • Booking Tours
  • Studio Recording
  • Media Relations
  • Artist Branding
  • Talent Development

Event Promotions & Marketing

Franco Records has mastered the art of brand event management through it distinguished roster of clients. The question is “How do you get a crowd to your next event?” Whether it’s launching a new CD, promoting your upcoming tour, or a launch party for a new talent in the entertainment industry, Franco Records has successfully combined expert consultation, sophistication with innovation, to execute and promote your next event. Franco Records has been in the game for a long time.  We know what it takes to execute a successful event.  We have experienced event coordinators and managers ready to assist in planning and facilitating your campaign from inception to completion. We listen to each client and customize a solution to their specific event needs, with a clear and mutual understanding of the tasks involved.

Discovering & Building New Talent

The streets are filled with talented individuals, so why does only a few make it to the top? The answer is proper representation and talent development.  Singers sing, actors act, Franco Records manage and develop talent. We take talented individuals who are rough around the edges and make them polished and successful professionals ready for the spotlight. Building new talent takes commitment from both the artist and their agency.  Franco Records is dedicated in ensuring that its artist are properly developed with the right professional tools not just to get into the business but to stay in the business long-term. Our commitment to our artist ensures that we book the right events, assist in showcasing your talent, manage your media engagements, and provide you with professionals to assist with all public relations aspect of your career. If you are a new talent looking for a break-through in the industry or you are an existing talent looking for proper management, look no further. Franco Records is the team you need to be on.