Supaval is a Houston-based Afro R & B singer/songwriter from the South West region of Cameroon.  His unique voice and charm cuts across your heart with a burning desire to want more. His lyrics are very uplifting and his genre is very universal. His first debut was in 2009 with a makossa album released in Maryland entitled, Nkongseh. In 2010, he released his second album, Big Mamie, in Houston which was a total deviation from Makossa to Afro beats. Having recently signed with Franco Records, his next album is set to be released on March 16th, 2013 called ‘The New Beginning’.

Below is an excerpt from an interview by a fashion magazine on Supaval talking about himself:
I have always loved music growing up and as I grew older, I realized I actually had the talent to create music. It was just about finding the right circumstances in which to flourish. I believe I have now found that at Franco Records where there is a team willing to work with me in order for us to make beautiful music together. We are at the start of a wonderful project and I am really looking forward to the day when I can turn the radio on and hear my song playing.

My music is intended for all audiences regardless of age or race. It is the kind of music that allows listeners to forget their troubles and feel good living in the moment. This shall be the mantra throughout all the songs I create. I do intend to fully experiment with many genres of music and to keep pushing on to discover the boundaries of my creativity. Peace and love to all my fans!!!!!!!! Listen to my songs on


  • Makossa album 2009 – Nkongseh
  • Afro beat Album 2010 – Big Mamie
  • Afro beat Album 2013 - The New Beginning


Abdul Bangura also known as ABizzy, is one of the hottest singer and songwriter from Freetown, Sierra Leone based in the U.S. From 2001 to 2006 he was signed to one of the biggest music labels in Freetown city (Black Leo). Black Leo tours and shows drew some of the biggest crowds you could ever imagine in Freetown City. At that time ABizzy was the 3rd man in Black Leo and had hits with Super Laj like “Baby No Cry”, “U Na D Wan”, Javely “Good Conversation” La d Boss “Girl You Nor Know ” and also featured on Mad Man’s “True Solider” .

Then in 2007 he joined forces with Black Don to create one of Sierra Leone’s elite R&B group “Black Sensation” . These multitalented superstars also known as “The Ladies Man” were the first to open up for SLMTV debut in Maryland. In 2009 Black Sensation released their first album in Columbus, Ohio titled “The Ladies Man”. Hits songs like “Beautiful”, “Fasin Pan U”, “Champion Lover” and many other songs rock the radio. In 2010 “Black Sensation” were nominated for best requested song on SLMTV and won the award. Later that year they both decided to start working on their individual solo projects.

2011 is the year of ABizzy, cause he’s been mad busy. With the release of His hit single and video “Tofi Money”, ABizzy left his fans in great anticipation for the album. So on July, 9th 2011 he released is debut solo album “Another Level”. This album embodies a variety of sounds like Dance Hall, High Life, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggie, Zook and experimental music which were made possible thanks to working with some of the Industries hottest songwriters, composers, producers and production teams in the world. They include; Kcboy (Kcboy Music Group), Cheffy on the Beat (Villa Boys Records), Dav Mike (Forensic Studio) Jada V , DC Records, Hefemi Production, Giggs, Debuck E.N.T.

He also featured on his album Hit artists like Black Don, Big Mo, Menace Da General, Souferior and Kcboy. AB is a true student of his craft, His voice alone makes any type of beat feel priceless, His melodies alone can put you in a trance, His swagger on a fast beat can make you press rewind and His character makes his fans hungry for more. I hope you truly enjoy his album cause its great music.


My name is Winton Kafel, but I’m known in the music world as Wintafresh.

I am a Houstonian originally from east Africa, Eritrea. I come from a music loving family, my late father, kafel Berhe Asmerom was one of the greatest musicians from Eritrea, his singing and instrumental abilities paved a way for me liking to sing at a very early age. Most of my family has that musical influence from my late father.

I auditioned for American Idol in Texas at the cowboy stadium and made it to the third Round. Raised in Houston, i have always wanted to debut my music career, I have found in Franco Records the perfect opportunity for me to express myself musically while stretching the limits of my creativity. The care and the passion here create the avenues for growth and development. I will sing for you always and may all of you be blessed.


Jerry Cleo a.k.a Dj skipper originally Tamfor Jerry Cleopha has as many skills as his names.He is a singer,istrumentalist(mainly piano),song writer,entertainer,live recording artist,Dj etc.The Cameroonian-born houston resident has built his musical multi-talent for quite some time along side his education;with a degree in economics.jerry cleo had his first piano as a gift from his dad when he was only 6.This explains why he has been a remarkable pianist in churches,recording studios and live bands.Jerry 's voice is a weapon cos it never fades.He was the main singer for many bands in Africa including his personal band known as THE ONE MAN SHOW BAND.

In 2010 Jerry put all his act together and produced his first album baptised SIMPLE QUESTION which he recorded LIVE at his home studio with help from polyvalent African maestros.Jerry's songs didnt go unnoticed.One of them was a hit in the U.S.He put African baby rymes in a dance track and it shook the African clubs in the U.S.thus enforcing his title DJ SKIPPER.he moved to Houston in 2011 and continued his musical career as a ONE MAN BAND performing with just one keyboard and adding fierceness to the Franco records army. Dj Skeeper is an octa-dimensional entertainer with endless surprises in creativity.